Upwork Success

A few years ago, I made my first money freelancing online through Elance (now Upwork). Freelancing was my only source of income for a while, and I had to make it work.

I got my WHOLE start as a freelancer by starting on Elance/Upwork, despite many people telling me I couldn’t find good projects or clients through Upwork. I grew my whole business through Upwork and know it inside and out. Now, I consistently have a 100% Top Rated Freelancer for my profile on Upwork and I regularly work with good, well-paying clients.

I’ve designed this course to be relevant for people with a wide range of freelancing experience. Even if you have never freelanced or worked online, I will help you narrow your focus and find a suitable niche to pursue as a freelancer.

In this course I cover:

  • The mindset you need to succeed on Upwork
  • Choosing a niche for freelance work
  • Setting up an amazing profile
  • Finding high quality, well-paying projects
  • How to write a compelling proposal

This course is jam packed with information that took me years to learn. I cover a lot of the basics for people that are just starting out as a freelancer, but there’s also lots of good information in there about Upwork and my experience with the platform for people that are already experienced freelancers.

This course is available now on Udemy & Skillshare!