Even though my packing list is always changing, there are some items, software, and services that I continue to use and that I highly recommend for life on the road. I created this page to have a centralized place where you can find things that I highly recommend, regardless of what I’m currently carrying around.

Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I will get a small kickback if you purchase using one of these links. If you’d rather not use one of the affiliate links, feel free to Google the product and purchase it independently. I’m happy to recommend everything on this list either way!


13″ MacBook Air or 13″ Retina MacBook Pro– My current laptop is a MacBook Air, but I highly recommend either! As I’ve started to get more into design and web work, I’ve definitely considered upgrading to the Pro for the retina screen, but I haven’t wanted to sacrifice how light my Air is. Both are amazing laptops though, you just can’t go wrong! The MacBook Air I currently have is a few years old and is still running like a champ!

iPhone 6 – I tend to always drop things, so I really like the size of the iPhone 6 (the 6 Plus is too big for me, I’m pretty sure I would drop it and break the screen within a day!) I use my phone for everything. These days, all of the essentials you need for life on the road can often be bought as an app. This includes everything from maps, to currency exchange rates, to getting transportation, to city guides. Having a smartphone definitely makes traveling all the time much simpler! The camera on my phone is also the only camera I travel with and I have no complaints.

Roost Laptop Stand – This thing is a lifesaver! After working for a couple years, day in and day out, without a laptop stand I started to really feel my whole body being affected by my bad posture. The Roost stand has been an incredible addition to my work set up as I can use it in almost any coffee shop or workspace. I almost never use my computer without my stand these days! If you get one these stands, you’ll also want an external keyboard and mouse/trackpad.



Patagonia Houdini Jacket – This jacket is a great, lightweight and packable water-resistant wind breaker. It’s not the best in a total downpour, but it’s perfect for taking the edge off in cool weather or a light drizzle. I love it because it packs down to about the size of my fist!

Bedrock Sandals & Injinji Socks– I wear these almost everyday, especially in the tropics. I’m a big fan of barefoot or zero-drop shoes, and these are a great lightweight, all-purpose sandal. I’ve used mine for barefoot running, hiking, walking around new cities, and casual everyday wear. For cooler weather, I wear my Injinji socks and they keep my feet nice and warm!

The Versalette – While I don’t always travel with this, I usually miss it when I don’t have it. It’s such a great thing to have if you don’t want to carry a lot of clothes, but still want to have more options than jeans and a t-shirt. The only downside if you’re a super minimalist packer like me is that it’s a bit heavy and takes up a good bit of space (about as much as a pair of pants.)



Brompton Folding Bicycle – Most people probably won’t care too much about this one, but both Nick and I were cyclists before we started traveling full time. We both missed it so much, we decided to try out folding bikes and love it! We researched many other folding bikes, but eventually landed on our Bromptons.



Dropbox – Everyone has their go-to service for file storage, but I’ve always been a big fan of Dropbox. They’re fairly cheap and everyone is pretty familiar with the service.

VyprVPN and Express VPN– Nick and I have done quite a bit of travel in mainland China where having a VPN is no longer just an additional security thing we use, but it’s a necessity. We tried many different VPNs (both paid and free) during our time in China, and have found Vypr and Express VPN to be the fastest and most reliable. If you sign up through the link for Vypr VPN, you’ll get 40% off an annual subscription!

SiteGround – I’ve absolutely loved using SiteGround! Both Nick and I have recently switched over from Bluehost and have been very happy with SiteGround. Can’t complain!

Namecheap – I always use Namecheap for buying new domains. They’re very reliable and easy to use!



Airbnb – Most of our accommodation is booked through Airbnb these days.  It’s been pretty easy to negotiate deals for longer stays and it’s great to have the security and ease of mind with going through a 3rd party service. It’s also a very easy system to use, much simpler than contacting local agencies and such!

Uber – Uber has been a total lifesaver when it comes to transportation in many major cities! We’ve found it to be incredibly cheap in southeast asia, and in many places in Europe. It’s so nice to be able to land and quickly be able to get a ride from the airport into town without having to haggle with taxi drivers.



Here are some other companies that I highly recommend, for varies items and services!

100% Pure – I love their all-natural, organic, fruit-based makeup! I first started using them a few years ago and can’t go back!

Patagonia – I love all things Patagonia. They have incredible service, product quality, ethical working standards, and a lifetime warranty. I’ve always been pleased with everything I’ve bought from Patagonia and highly recommend looking to them when you need to make a new basic clothing or gear purchase. (They also have great deals on used items in their Ebay store!)

Uniqlo – I’ve always been really happy with the clothes from Uniqlo. For a big brand, they do a pretty good job of maintaining good working standards and having fairly high-quality products. I go to them for basics like underwear, solid color tees, etc. Also a great option if you’re in warm climates a lot as they have more clothing geared towards being wearable in hot weather!