Etsy + Printful

The very first business I had online was a jewelry shop on Etsy. After I moved into freelancing and away from making jewelry, I still wanted a way to work on Etsy because I was so familiar with it.

So, I started selling digital downloadable printables and physical products on Etsy using Printful.

For years, Etsy and Printful was a great combo, but there was still a good bit of work involved in getting the product listings up and fulfilling orders.

That all changed in late 2017, when Etsy and Printful rolled out a full integration.

Now, my little shop on Etsy selling physical goods is pretty much 100% passive (well, maybe more like 95%. 😉 )

I’ll be perfectly honest – I don’t make a ton of money from this particular business because I did it as a side project and I haven’t put a ton of time into marketing. Nonetheless, I think the potential is absolutely there for people to create their own stores selling physical products with their own designs on them.

In this course, I cover:

  • The basics of the Etsy & Printful integration
  • How to get designs created for your products
  • How to create products in Printful (it’s incredibly easy!)

This course is super-duper basic, so it’s great for people that are true beginners with Etsy. I don’t cover much about SEO, optimizing your store, or choosing your niche for products – this is more the basics of how to use the Etsy + Printful integration.

This course is available now on Udemy & Skillshare!